Consummatum Est

It is finished.

Last night I finished writing RYOJI AND THE RIDDLE MASTERS. And maybe someday you can read it. It’s a tale about a boy becoming so much more than he ever dreamed possible, about the difficulty of changing the nature of things. The virtues and follies of pacifism, the role of honor, the shattering of our innocent worldview as we cross that threshold from childhood into our teenage years.

Did I mention it’s set in a fantastical version of Heian-era Japan, steeped in Japanese mythology with a dash of steampunk? There are riddle duels with spirits in the underworld, pirates armed to the teeth with swords and metallic flame-throwing birds, jealousy, betrayal, and at the center of it a boy torn between his parents: his father of the old guard, his mother leading the rebellion of the new.

It’s been five years in the making, and now it is out of my hands, and into the hands of the illustrious Beta Readers.

I hope they like it. And if they don’t, I hope to use their feedback to forge it into something greater. And someday I hope to share it with you all.

Saddle up, it’s queryin’ time.

6 thoughts on “Consummatum Est

    • Thanks! I have to admit, I’m feeling a bittersweet mix of elation and postpartum depression. Writing a query is going to be a draining experience; it always is. I sank way more of my soul into this novel than any of the others I wrote, and I’m terrified of screwing it up.

      So I’m going to take some time off to catch my breath, catch up on games and reading, and refresh my brain before attempting to write that byzantine sales pitch.

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